As a small business ourselves, we understand the complexities of trying to get the job done while keeping up with the exorbitant amount of paperwork and information.  Administrative duties are absolutely critical to the success of a business which is why we have partnered with a sister company BUILDING FUTUROS to help other Entrepreneurs with the headaches in the office.  We also developed a software, JOB STATUS PRO, to help track all the interworking’s of your business such as ongoing jobs, subcontractors, suppliers, equipment, etc.  Building Futuros can help someone start from day one or jump in to assist with invoicing, emails or any other task creating additional burden for Business Owners.  Job Status Pro can organize all of your day to day operations and also act as an interface for your Clients cutting down on all the phone calls and emails.  There are no contracts and everything is economically conscientious as we know the difficulties of unnecessary overhead.