Case Study: Contractor Successfully Completes Unique & Challenging Driveway Lift

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Body - Challenging Driveway LiftA homeowner called Home Energy Professionals in Tennessee with an interesting driveway problem. There was an 8-inch drop at the point where the driveway met the edge of the garage floor. That was enough to prevent the resident from getting their car into the garage at all. The homebuilders did not extend a nearby gutter downspout far enough away from the driveway. Rainwater caused erosion under the slabs, causing them to sink over time. What made this case unique was the fact that the final slab (closest to the garage) in this 20-foot-wide driveway was only two feet long. Slabs with such narrow dimensions are notoriously difficult to lift evenly. Due to the unusual nature of this job, they called in Alchemy-Spetec’s Colt Hullander (Director of Technical Services – Geotech Division) as a consultant.

Powerful Polymers

The Home Energy Professionals crew used AP Lift 430, a two-component, high strength, high density, hydro-insensitive structural polyurethane foam. They chose AP Lift 430 because it’s one of the most consistently reliable lifting foams in the industry. This high-density foam is extremely strong, providing concrete slabs and structures with reliable and lasting support.

Painless Procedures

The crew drilled their first injection hole about 3 feet from one edge of the slab, right in the middle of the 2-foot length (about 1 foot in from both edges). They lifted this end of the slab for about 2 inches and then stopped. Lifting any further at this point would likely have cracked the slab. Next, they drilled another hole about 6 feet in from the edge and repeated the process. When they reached the end of the 20 feet, they started again – redrilling that first hole and lifting another 2 inches. With this gradual injection process, they carefully raised the slab 8 inches and leveled it off with the garage floor. They then moved on to lift the other, conventionally sized slabs in the rest of the driveway.

Rapid Results

This challenging slab lift job was completed in just 3 hours. Fifteen minutes after the injections were completed, the homeowner was able to drive their car across the newly leveled driveway and into the garage. The crew at Home Energy Professionals had another successful job in the books!

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