Repairing a Seawall in Greenwood Lake, New York

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Repairing a Seawall in Greenwood Lake, New York

Seawall Repair Network® member contractor LJS Waterproofing was recently tasked with repairing a rock seawall in Greenwood Lake, New York. The seawall, which had been in place for several decades, showed signs of significant damage due to erosion and harsh weather.

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Repair Materials

LJS Waterproofing used SW-RP1 seawall repair material on this job. SW-RP1 transforms the supporting soil into a water-tight impermeable mass, which blocks the transference of energy and lateral stress caused by the typical build-up of hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall. SW-RP1 is environmentally safe and is certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 standards for contact with drinking water.


The technicians on this job used Seawall Repair Network®’s proprietary stabilization process. First, they installed SW-RP1 repair material to shore up the supporting soil and stop any leaks in the wall. This material is specifically designed for use in seawall repair and has been extensively tested to ensure its durability and effectiveness. Next, the crew installed filters to allow rainwater a way to flow into the lake without cracking the wall or taking along supporting soil. This process equalizes hydrostatic pressure. In addition to the resin and panel filters, LJS also used Seawall Repair Network®’s SW-Power preservation material to protect the surface of the seawall from the harsh marine environment, ensuring that it remains in good condition for many years to come.


The seawall was fully restored to its original strength. The structure will now be able to withstand the forces of nature and provide protection for many years to come. The seawall repair project on Greenwood Lake was a testament to the effectiveness of Seawall Repair Network®’s patent-pending installation process and specialized products. LJS Waterproofing was able to completely restore the structure at a fraction of the cost of replacement.